Why The Archipelago State of Republic of Indonesia is Proud?

Raja Ampat [Photo: asliindonesia.net - GOOD INDONESIA]

Before going any further, please #GOODpeople sing the song “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa” (Coconut Island Seduction). It’s been a long time since you sang this compulsory song by Ismail Marzuki, right? The lyrics are below.

Tanah airku Indonesia / My homeland is Indonesia
Negeri elok amat kucinta / I love a beautiful country
Tanah tumpah darahku yang mulia / The land of my glorious blood
Yang kupuja sepanjang masa / I love all the time
Tanah airku aman dan makmur / My homeland is safe and prosperous
Pulau kelapa yang amat subur / A very fertile coconut island
Pulau melati pujaan bangsa / The nation’s idol island of jasmine
Sejak dulu kala / Since a long time ago

Melambai lambai / Waving waving
Nyiur di pantai / Nyiur on the beach
Berbisik bisik / Whisper whispers
Raja Kelana / King of the Wanders
Memuja pulau / Adore the island
Nan indah permai / Beautiful and beautiful
Tanah Airku / My homeland
Indonesia / Indonesia

Feeling more slack, for sure. Hopefully. The song that describes Indonesia as an expanse of the island is really fun to be sung. The lyrics are simple, but precisely tell the beauty of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Earth, whether land or sea, has different surfaces or reliefs. Each relief affects various aspects of living things in each place.

The shape of the earth’s surface is also used as a marker for the location of a particular area. This will have more influence on politics and the state.

Lands can be continents, islands and islands. All three have different characteristics and characteristics.

This time, we are presenting – of course specifically for #GOODpeople – the third group, namely the islands. The largest archipelago country information in the world.

Just to remind the archipelago is a country or region which consists of many islands. Where is Indonesia, the #GOODpeople country?

1. Indonesia

It turns out that Indonesia is clearly one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world. Large not only because of its breadth, but also the small islands that surround and make up the territory, it is almost uncountable. Indonesia has no less than 17 thousand islands that form the territory of the homeland, throughout the archipelago.

The total area of ​​the Indonesian archipelago is approximately 1,904,569 square kilometers. Its coastline reaches 54,716 kilometers.

The Indonesian sea from KM Umsini [Photo: Ridwan Ewako – GOOD INDONESIA]

2. Madagascar

This island nation is located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. Madagascar is one of the countries that has the largest island in the world. Madagascar, the name. This island is the fourth largest island after Greenland, New Guinea and Kalimantan.

The territory of the country is approximately 587,041 square kilometers, and has a coastline of 4,826 kilometers.

Please #GOODpeople compare these figures with Indonesia’s factual conditions. Far. Including the small island.

3. Papua New Guinea

The neighboring country directly adjacent to the Republic of Indonesia, West Papua Province to be precise, has an area of ​​462,840 square kilometers. The length of the coastline is 5,152 kilometers.

Papua New Guinea, with a capital city of Port Moresby, is in the Oceania region, which has about 600 small islands.

4. Japan

Even though the island nation is separate from the mainland, Japan is part of the Asian continent. To be precise in Eastern Asia.

The Land of the Rising Sun –its nickname– has an area of ​​approximately 377,915 square kilometers.

The Japanese archipelago consists of 6,852 islands. There are four major islands, namely Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku.

Honshu is the main island, home to the major cities of Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Kobe. Hokkaido’s second largest island, north of Honshu. That’s where Sapporo is. Kyushu and Shikoku are close to the south of Honshu.

Japan also has a chain of tropical islands to the south called the Ryukyu Islands. The largest island here is Okinawa.

5. Philippines

An archipelago that is one of the largest in the world is the Philippines. This country is located quite close to Indonesia, precisely in the Sulawesi Island region.

The Philippines, with the capital city of Manila, has an area of ​​about 300,000 square kilometers. It has a coastline of 36,289 square kilometers.

The Philippines consists of 7,641 islands. With this figure, the Philippines is listed as the seventh country with the largest number of islands. Above it Sweden, Finland, Norway, Canada, Indonesia and Australia.

In a long time, the number of islands in the Philippines is estimated to be 7,107. The Philippines’ most recent National Mapping and Information Resources (NAMRIA) report found 534 more islands. The discovery of these new islands increased its geographic area and coastal economic zone.

Among these islands, only about 2,000 of them are inhabited. The Philippine archipelago is divided into three major groups, namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Islands in the Philippines [Photo: worldatlas.com – GOOD INDONESIA]

6. New Zealand

The country with Wellington as its capital is 267,710 square kilometers. The coastline is 15,134 kilometers long.

The country of New Zealand is located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. It has about 600 large and medium islands. There are remains of land that were larger than the islands that exist today, but which are already below sea level.

The two main islands are named the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui) and the South Island (Te Waipounamu) which are separated by the Cook Strait.

The third largest is Stewart Island (Rakiura), located 30 kilometers or 19 miles at the tip of South Island across the Strait of Foveaux.

The three largest islands span 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) at latitudes 34 ° to 47 ° south. New Zealand is the sixth largest archipelago in the world, with a land area of ​​267,710 square kilometers.

Island in Maldives [Photo: telegraph.co.uk – GOOD INDONESIA]

7. England

Island nations that are also included in the large group are Great Britain or Great Britain, and are located in northern Europe. #GOODpeople is definitely the capital, of course.

The UK is about 246,610 square kilometers. The coastline is 12,429 kilometers long.

A survey by a British military agency recorded their island at 6,289 points. Most of them are in Scotland. The British Isles (including Ireland) have 6,806 islands.

8. Cuba

Cuba is located in the Central American region. This country, which is synonymous with the character Che Guevara, has Havana as the capital.

This one country covers approximately 110,860 square kilometers. The coastline stretches 3,735 kilometers.

Cuba has over 4,000 islands that surround several of the main islands. Off the southern coast sit two main islands; Jardines de la Reina and the Canarreos Islands.

The Sabana-Camagüey Islands stretch along the northern coast, which contain 2,517 islands. The Colorados Islands off the northwest coast.

9. Iceland

Iceland is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world on the European continent. This country is one of the regions that is quite close to the North Pole region. This country with a capital city in Reykjavik has an area of ​​approximately 103,000 km2. It also has a 4,970 km long coastline.

10. Ireland

He is in an area affected by the climate of the Arctic. Its location in northern Europe.

The capital is Dublin. Ireland covers about 70,273 square kilometers. Its coastline is 1,448 kilometers.

Ireland is the third largest island nation in Europe. It is surrounded by about 80 large islands. Only 20 islands are inhabited.

The country actually has hundreds of small islands scattered along the Irish Sea on the east coast and in the Atlantic Ocean to the south, west, and north. Achill Island is the largest island belonging to this state.

11. Sri Lanka

This country is a neighbor of India. The capital is Colombo. Its area is approximately 65,610 square kilometers. The coastline is 1,340 kilometers.

Among its sizable island clusters, the Jaffna Peninsula is the most famous. It is located on the north side. Its area is approximately 65,268 square kilometers.


#GOODpeople, no doubt, Indonesia is indeed the largest archipelago with the largest number of islands. We should be proud, and therefore let’s complete information about the proud side of Indonesia, via another article in this online media. []GOOD INDONESIA-LMC



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